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Forward Focus Therapy, LLC - Online affordable therapy focused on helping individuals improve their wellbeing, decrease stress, & live a more balanced life.

As a business woman & mother of two, I know the challenges. Having time for you, your family, friends, and work can be a struggle – therapy should not be. That is why I started Forward Focus Therapy, LLC offering affordable online counseling. I provide you with support, a fresh perspective, as well as practical, evidence-based interventions that build on your strengths to help you achieve your goals. Since our work will be online or by phone you get the added benefit of working with a skilled psychologist, while you are in your preferred location, at a convenient time! No worries about child/eldercare, traffic, parking, or any of the complications that may come with traditional therapy.

Change can be challenging, scary even, but with it come endless new possibilities. The skills and techniques you may develop can help you feel better prepared to meet the demands of today’s world. During therapy, we work on goals you set. Perhaps, you would like to manage your anxiety, worry, or frustration more effectively or improve your ability to relax? Perhaps you struggle making decisions? You can work on developing more efficient problem solving strategies, or communication skills. Therapy can help you develop strategies to better manage your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. You can work on increasing your self-confidence, enhancing coping strategies, and be better prepared for future stress. Therapy is your time for you.

In my experience, there are three ingredients needed for effective therapy: a desire for change, effective interventions and a positive relationship with your therapist. If you want a therapist whom you can trust, who uses evidence-based interventions, and who will be both direct & kind, then this may be the right place for you.

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My Areas of Expertise

Autism Spectrum
Behavior Issues
Communication & Coping
Sadness & Depression
Grief & Loss
Stress Management
Trauma & Self Harm
Healthy Relationships/Boundaries

Compassionate, evidenced-based online therapy for a more satisfying life.